Women of Faith is a Christian women's organization that has been holding non-denominational conferences at various locations around North America since 1996. According to their Web site, Women of Faith is a faith-based women's organization encouraging women of all ages and stages in life to grow in faith and spiritual maturity through a relationship with Jesus Christ and an understanding of God's love and grace. While each conference offers a revolving schedule of special guest speakers and musical guests, the key roster of speakers (a.k.a. the porch pals) has included Sheila Walsh, Luci Swindoll, Patsy Clairmont, and Marilyn Meberg. Barbara Johnson was an original member of the speaker team until illness forced her to leave the tour. Barbara Johnson died in 2007 after a six-year battle with cancer.(http://www.barbaraspatulajohnson.org/barbara/updates/07-02-07/) Thelma Wells also served as a main speaker until 2006. Women of Faith holds between 25-30 conferences annually in arenas across North America. The events typically begin Friday and continue through Saturday. In past years, in most cities, a "Pre-conference" event was held during the day on the Friday of the conference. In 2010, the events were expanded to include the former "pre-conference" resulting in a 2-day event. Each year's content is organized around a theme. (See "History" below.) The events include messages from speakers, concerts by popular music artists, original dramatic presentations, and times of worship. Women of Faith events are noted for their humor, musical performances, and compelling stories. 85% of attendees come in groups of 25 or more. Attendees often come year after year; a number attend more than one conference in a given year. Although the conferences are for women, a small number of men may be found at any given event (sometimes they are bus drivers for the groups or husbands, boyfriends, sons, and brothers of attendees). Both men and women often serve as volunteers who work with Women of Faith event staff in various capacities. Volunteers receive free event registration for themselves or to share. History, Founded in 1996 by Stephen Arterburn. Currently owned and operated by Thomas Nelson Live, a division of Thomas Nelson Inc. More than 4 million women have attended over 275 events held in more than 70 cities across North America. More than 350,000 have indicated first-time decisions for Christ at a Women of Faith conference. 1996 Women of Faith begins with sold-out events in churches. 10 cities and 36,000 attendees Conference theme: The Joyful Journey 1997 Women of Faith conferences move from churches to arenas. 15 cities and 159,000 attendees Conference theme: The Joyful Journey 1998 Women of Faith expands tour. 28 cities and 320,000 attendees Conference theme: Bring Back the Joy 1999 Mary Graham becomes President of Women of Faith 25 cities and 375,000 attendees Conference theme: Outrageous Joy 2000 Women of Faith becomes a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. 24 cities and 360,000 attendees Conference theme: Extravagant Grace 2001 Conference team takes first flight out after 9/11 tragedy to Lansing, MI 27 cities and 375,000 attendees Conference theme: Boundless Love 2002 Women of Faith goes international with conferences in Canada 27 cities and 256,000 attendees Conference theme: Sensational Life 2003 Evelyn Husband, the widow of STS-107 commander Rick, joins Women of Faith as a special guest. 27 cities and 362,000 attendees Conference theme: The Great Adventure. The 2003 tour's compilation album was recorded in 2002; the venue was demolished in 2007. 2004 Women of Faith hosts first National Conference in San Antonio, TX 28 cities and 406,000 attendees. Conference theme: Irrepressible Hope 2005 Women of Faith celebrates 10th anniversary and exceeds 3 million in cumulative conference attendance. Women of Faith births The Revolve Tour, a new event for teen girls (The Revolve Tour ). 26 cities 390,000 attendees (Women of Faith) Conference theme: Extraordinary Faith 2006 Robin McGraw, wife of TV's Dr. Phil, joins Women of Faith as a special guest. 27 cities and 393,000 attendees (Women of Faith). Current owner Leo Hindrey, Jr, purchases Women of Faith. Conference theme: Contagious Joy 2007 Anita Renfroe, comedian and special contributor for Good Morning America, joins Women of Faith in 28 cities 28 cities and 337,000 attendees (Women of Faith) Conference theme: Amazing Freedom 2008 Women of Faith founder, Stephen Arterburn, and award winning gospel artist, Sandi Patty, join the Women of Faith tour. Women of Faith expands The Revolve Tour to 16 cities and will take Women of Faith conferences to 30 cities across the US. Conference theme: Infinite Grace 2009 Award-winning singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman becomes a regular feature on the Women of Faith stage as Women of Faith travels to 28 cities. Conference theme: A Grand New Day 2010 For the first time, Women of Faith offers two simultaneous tours for a combined total of 29 events. New York Times best-selling authors Andy Andrews and Marcus Buckingham, join forces with Women of Faith in cities across the U.S. Conference themes: "Imagine" and "Over the Top" Giving Back, Women of Faith's association with World Vision has, to date, impacted more children than any other single sponsor group. In 2007 the number of children sponsored through Women of Faith topped 100,000. UPDATE: At events held August 27-28, 2010 it was announced that the number of World Vision children sponsored through Women of Faith had passed 150,000. Speakers and Special Guests, 2010 Lineup Andy Andrews, Michelle Aguilar, Marcus Buckingham, Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, Patsy Clairmont, Natalie Grant, Lisa Harper, Karen James, Nicole Johnson, Mandisa, Mary Mary, Marilyn Meberg, Nicole C. Mullen, Sandi Patty, Anita Renfroe, Rich Stearns, Luci Swindoll, Kim Cash Tate, Sheila Walsh, Lisa Whelchel Worship Team members for 2010 Imagine tour: Allison Abbott, Janice Gaines, Laura Cooksey and Jenifer. Worship Team members for 2010 Over the Top tour: Corrie Henson, Michelle Swift, Kara Tualatai, and Jovaun Woods. Not all talent in every city. Source: http://womenoffaith.com/events/line-up/ 2008 Speakers and Special Guests Not all speakers or guests appear at every city. Allison Allen, Stephen Arterburn, Patsy Clairmont, Louise DuArt, Natalie Grant, Nicole Johnson, Max Lucado, Mandisa, Marilyn Meberg, Nicole C. Mullen, Sandi Patty, Anita Renfroe, Jan Silvious, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Ayiesha Woods Teen Girls, In 2006, Women of Faith founders created "The Revolve Tour." A 2-day weekend conference for middle and high school aged girls that mirrors the Women of Faith tour. It features live bands, speakers, a worship team and a drama team.