Violent Work of Art (VWOA) is a Swedish industrial metal band that combines metalcore with trance music.



Violent Work of Art was formed in 1993 and played metalcore under the name Red Alert. The band soon changed their name to Violent Work of Art, Anders Gyllensten (guitars) and Wincent Persson (guitars) joined.


In 1994 they recorded the demo, titled "Aggressive", and sent it to various record labels, trying to get a record deal. In 1995 they released another demo, titled "Hard". In 1996 Download Records signed the band and they released Breeding Dance which contained all the songs on the Aggressive and Hard albums.


The band lost their record deal with Download Records when the owner of the label committed suicide and the label was put out of business. In 1998 the band changed their musical style, and member line-up, and started to play Industrial Metal Music. They released their drummer and began using a Drum Machine. VWOA did a cover of AC/DC's song "Hells Bells", which was featured on the album A Salute To AC/DC, released by Tribute Records, which brought them a fair share of publicity. Another noteworthy cover they made was of Ozzy Osbourne's song "Bark at the Moon". In 1999 they released Promo '99, their first demo with their new style, and in 2000 they released Promo 2000. They remained unsigned by a label during this period. Violent Work Of Art gained a lot of notoriety from countries like France, U.S. and Germany by uploading their songs at, which was later transformed by Cnet into more of a commercial music website.


In 2001 the demo titled "COMA" was released. In 2002 the demo titled "The Worst Is Yet To Come" was released. In 2002 VWOA played at the Elveblest festival in Arnes, Norway. Tobias Eng rejoined the band in 2004 to replace Wincent Persson, who had left the band due to personal reasons. After about 10 years unsigned the band made a new record deal, for two albums, with Swedmetal Records. They re-released The Worst Is Yet To Come together with the songs from the COMA demo. In 2006 Maria Simonsson (synth) joined the band. In 2007 the band released their 3rd studio album titled "Automated Species", in which half of the songs are written, or co-written by former member W.Persson. In January 2008, Tobias Eng left the band for the second time.


In October 2009 one of the developers from ionisis, who was a fan of the band, offered the band a free website that used their prototypical new systems, and to take over as webmaster for the band. On 2009-12-04 VWOA played at the Klubb Kalabalik, in Vaxjo, Sweden. In November 2009 Violent Work of Art's website was completely redone, and started featuring music downloads, blogs and articles, forums, and user/fan profiles. Shortly after, the band released a new album named "Tales Of Distortion". In January 2010, their webmaster began working with TouchTunes, a major music distribution system in North America and Canada, to get VWOA listed in their Jukebox index, and on 2010-01-08, they were accepted. On 2010-06-25 VWOA played at AB Anfall, in Kungsor, Sweden. On 2010-08-21 VWOA played Pstereo Festival, in Trondheim, Norway. Shortly after, the band release a new album titled "The Dark Within". The band is currently working on a new album called "Evolution In Reverse".

Current members

Magnus Karlsson - vocals (2000-present),

Anders Gyllensten - Lead Guitars (1994-present),

Maria Simonsson - synth (2006-present),

Past members

Viktor Eng - Bass (1993-2009),

Tobias Eng - Rhythm Guitars, vocals (1993-2000, 2004-2008),

Wincent Persson - Guitars, synth and Programming (1994-2004),

Tobias Turesson - synth (1993-1998),

Magnus Pettersson - Drums (1993-1998)