Tomcraft (real name Thomas Brückner) is a German DJ and producer. He is specialized in progressive house and progressive trance and is better known for having created the tracks "Loneliness" and "Prosac", working alongside Eniac.

Tomcraft began working as a DJ in Munich in 1994, shifting between techno and the emerging progressive trance style. The following year, he released his first track, "This Is No House". He first met Eniac in 1996, and the two immediately started producing music together, beginning with "Viva". The same year yielded the track "Prosac", but this did not achieve success until it was re-released in 2001.

2002 was also the year Tomcraft released "Loneliness", a progressive vocal track that eventually reached #1 in the UK. The financial success allowed him to found his own record label, Great Stuff Recordings, followed up in 2005 with Craft Music.

His song "Overdose" was featured in the 2003 movie Party Monster for its parallel theme of drug use to the Club Kids of New York City.

Tomcraft has released four albums so far, All I Got (2001), MUC (2003), HyperSexyConscious (2006) and For The Queen (2007), all on Kosmo Records.

His latest album For The Queen is a collaboration with fellow Tobias David Lützenkirchen from their Great Stuff label, and while similar in style with previous Tomcraft releases, it is distinctive in a more narrative way, with less of the dance floor dimension of his previous works; he calls it a "feature album" and it is rich with collaborations and two covers.