This article is about the figure skater. For the founder of the Blendtec corporation, see Will It Blend?.For other people of the same name, see Thomas Dickson (disambiguation).Tom Dickson is an American figure skater who currently works as a coach and choreographer. During his eligible career, he won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships at junior level in 1980; at the senior level, he placed 5th at the 1984 Championships. He also won Nebelhorn Trophy in 1980. After his competitive career, Dickson skated with Ice Capades. He started doing skating choreography when his former coach, Carlo Fassi, asked him to work with Chen Lu in 1991. Dickson currently coaches at the Broadmoor Skating Club, and has choreographed for many skaters, including: Jeremy Abbott., Vaughn Chipeur., Rachael Flatt., Ryan Jahnke., Kim Chae-Hwa., Kim Yu-Na., Ann Patrice McDonough., Brandon Mroz., Yukina Ota., Parker Pennington., Matthew Savoie., Aki Sawada., Nana Takeda., Michael Villarreal , Megan Williams-Stewart., Agnes Zawadzki., Caroline Zhang., He also choreographed the "Princess Classics" show for Disney on Ice. He won the USFSA's Paul McGrath Choreographer of the Year award in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006. He is married to former figure skater and current coach and choreographer Catarina Lindgren.