De: France

Rock, Progressive Rock, Spiritual

Hi, my name is Tim Chesley.

I am a French/American songwriter.

I would describe my music as “Progressive Pop Music” (a mix between Pop & Progressive Rock – think for e.g. Anathema “Weather Systems”). I believe in God and I am a Christian, and this has subtly inspired the lyrics in my songs.

I have done several independent releases in Australia and in France, the latest one being “Rain”, a 5 track EP released in 2016, which you can find on my website ( but I have also added a the tracks here: "Heaven", "When You Found Me"...

Please feel free to listen to these tracks, share them, comment them...

This record is the first part of a concept called “Rain & Blue Sky” that reflects on the constant changes in our lives, which can be assimilated to the permanent changes in the weather.

Nothing lasts forever, but Love will always remain, like a perfect blue sky after a great storm.


Tim Chesley