The Movielife was a Long Island Melodic hardcore band, which was together from 1997 to 2003, composed of vocalist Vinnie Caruana, bassist Phil Navetta, guitarist Brandon Reilly, drummer Evan Baken, and guitarist Alex Amiruddin, until 2001 when Alex Amiruddin left and was replaced by Dan Navetta.

In 1997, The Movielife was formed and soon went from basement shows to supporting its debut album, It's Go Time, which was released on Fadeaway Records. In 2000, This Time Next Year was released by Revelation Records. In 2001, The Movielife signed to Drive-Thru Records, and the Has a Gambling Problem EP was released. While en route to their next show the band wrecked their van in Jamestown, North Dakota. While the accident luckily only caused minor injuries, the mental anguish and already stressed relationships between the band members began to tear.[citation needed] During the recording of the follow-up full length, founding member Alex Amiruddin quit to start Keep Breathing. He was replaced by Dan Navetta, Phil's younger brother. In 2003, Forty Hour Train Back to Penn was released, and The Movielife again set out on tour in support of the effort. On September 27 2003, a note on the band's website revealed that The Movielife had decided to break up.

Most of the members of The Movielife went on to form other bands; Vinnie Caruana formed I Am the Avalanche, Brandon Reilly formed Nightmare of You, in which Phil Navetta also played briefly, but has since left and currently resides in Queens, NY. Dan Navetta went on to form Heavy Rescue. Evan Baken now works at the esteemed management group World Audience with Larry Jacobson and Kazy Brown in Los Angeles serving as Director of Artist Management where he manages Hot Water Music, Avenged Sevenfold and Moments in Grace.

In January 2008, Vinnie Caruana addressed rumors of a reunion by saying "The Movielife will not be reuniting. The Movielife has been offered ample opportunities to reunite for a show and no one wants to do it but me." On April 6 2008 at The Bamboozle Left in Irvine, California Vinnie performed a set of The Movielife with Set Your Goals backing. Vinnie also played a set of The Movielife with Set Your Goals on May 3 2008 at The Bamboozle in New Jersey.[citation needed].

On The Bamboozle 2011's website, The Movielife is confirmed to appear marking their first performance in almost 8 years.