De: Australia

Rock, Punk, Rock'n'roll

From the depths of Melbourne city’s beer soaked bars and clubs comes the hip shakin’ bone rattlin’ sounds of The Jacks.

The animalistic pigskin bashing of drummer Tim Dee and the V8 bass rumble of Sammy 7, create an almighty rhythm machine behind the gravel-rough vocals and buzzsaw guitar of frontman JungleJim Smith.

Loaded with hooks The Jacks songs are sharp chunks of high-octane rock’n’roll, delivered with passion and a direct honesty that has been impressing both local crowds and critics alike for almost four years.

2010 saw The Jacks gig relentlessly throughout Melbourne’s iconic live scene, and also release their debut EP ‘Deluxe’ which was incredibly well received. ‘Deluxe’ is now a regular fixture on both local and internet radio.

The Jacks have already made a splash overseas, with their song ‘Hit City’ included on Hollywood based label 272 Records ‘Punk kills’ compilation... The Jacks’ online following continues to grow rapidly by the day.

2011 will not only see the release of The Jacks latest offering, The Juicehead / Ghost of a Crying Shame ‘Double Feature’ on both iTunes and limited edition 7inch vinyl, but plans are already underway to return to the studio again before the year is out...

So if you like your rock’n’roll low down, loud and dirty, get on board or get outta the way... THE JACKS train is on the move!


“There ain’t a weak link in this bands line-up” – Inpress

“A sweet debut... The enthusiasm seeps out of the speakers like nicotine tar” – ‘Deluxe’ review / Beat

“ It’s impossible to count all the punk bands in Melbourne, so when one stands out its something real special... something in The Jacks’ delivery makes it fill the room and come alive, there’s a lot of heart to these tunes.” - Live review /

“The Jacks will crack the big time” – Inpress roundup 2010