The Greencards are a progressive bluegrass band that formed in Austin, Texas, and are currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band was founded in 2003 in Texas by Eamon McLoughlin, an Englishman, and Australians Kym Warner and Carol Young. The musicians originally performed in local Austin bars, and soon found increasing acclaim. They have released one independent album, Movin' On, in 2003, and two albums, Weather and Water, and Viridian, on the Dualtone record label. Their fourth album, Fascination, was released on Sugar Hill in 2009.

Their debut album, Movin' On, was the recipient of local Texas awards and charted on Americana radio stations. Country Music Television named their follow-up Weather and Water as one of the ten best bluegrass albums of 2005, and The Greencards were invited to tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson in the same year. Viridian would go on to take the number one position on the Billboard magazine's Bluegrass Music Chart, making The Greencards the first international band to ever do so. Viridian was a critically praised album, and was nominated for Best Country Album by the Australian Recording Industry Association. The track "Mucky the Duck" from Viridian was nominated for a Grammy Award at the 50th Grammy Awards.

The Greencards are noted for their playing of American bluegrass with a worldly feel, and for their incorporation of other genres of music. Often labeled as part of, and said to be representative of, the "newgrass" movement, they draw from Irish folk music, gypsy music, rock 'n' roll, folk balladry, and Latin American musical sources. The Greencards' sound has been compared to progressive American folk rock, and they have been credited with helping to expand bluegrass music.

Eamon McLoughlin left the band in December 2009, and currently resides in Nashville TN. He was replaced by Tyler Andal, a talented 22 year old fiddle player from White House, TN. Carl Miner, originally from Oregon, joined the group in May 2010, playing acoustic guitar. Carl won the 1999 National Flatpicking Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival, and currently resides in Nashville, TN.