The Freedom Toast
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From: GA, United States

Genre: Pop, Humor/Satire, Multicultural

Formed at the Renaissance Weekend gatherings in South Carolina, The Freedom Toast brings together musicians of widely diverse backgrounds and styles, from a concert pianist to a Leo Kottke style 12-string guitarist. Living on 2 continents, they get together when they can, mocking politicians of all stripes, and occasionally even doing a serious tune or two (Long Lost Salamander, and its updated version, Canyonlands) . Their music has been performed before Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush. At least one of th…

The Freedom Toast songs
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  • Fun Fun Fun (A surfing song parody)

  • Ring of Liars (Trump parodies Johnny Cash)

  • Moscow Mitch

  • I'm Running the USA Ha Ha

  • I Guess That's Why He Calls It Fake News--A Trump Parody

  • The Evolution--A Pence and Trump parody

  • In D.C.Donald Trump sings a parody sounding JUST like George Benson

  • Washington, D.C. (Uncle Sam sings a paraody of Chuck Berry's classic)

  • Dumb Down (A parody for the Age of Trump)

  • Respect for Hillary (a parody)

  • Strangers on the Right

  • Lazy C Ranch

  • The Far Right

  • Canyonlands (Salamander 2.0)

  • Talking TSA Blues

Videos From The Freedom Toast
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    Strangers on the Right
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    Respect for Hillary (a parody)
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    Trump "in D.C." instead of "on Broa…
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    Trump: "I'm running the USA Ha Haaaaaa!&q…
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    Moscow Mitch
  6. Mqdefault
    Fun Fun Fun Trump Parody
  7. Mqdefault
    Talkin' TSA Blues
  8. Mqdefault
    Home on the Range (GW Bush version)
  9. Mqdefault
    Washington, D.C.
  10. Mqdefault
    Dumb Down
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