Shakespears Sister are a British based BRIT Award and Ivor Novello Award winning synth-pop-rock band formed by Irish singer–songwriter Siobhan Fahey in 1988. It was Fahey's first musical project since leaving Bananarama. Later in 1989, American backing vocalist and guitarist Marcella Detroit was featured more as London Records presented the outfit as a duo. Detroit left the outfit in 1993, and Fahey resumed as the sole member until 1996.

The name is taken from the title of the song "Shakespeare's Sister" by The Smiths and in reference to Virginia Woolf's work A Room of One's Own. There have been minor variations in the spelling of the band's name over the years, which lost the final "e" from "Shakespeare" (and the apostrophe) when a friend made a woodcut logo for Fahey with the name carved as "Shakespear". The apostrophe was, however, featured on the cover of the first album, Sacred Heart.

In 2009, after a 13-year hiatus, Fahey resurrected the name Shakespears Sister and released a new album, Songs from the Red Room.