Samantha Cole
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From: CT, US

Genre: Pop, holiday

Samantha Cole was first artist signed to Universal Records. She released her debut album in 1997 Produced and co wrote it with David Foster, Richard Marx, Diane Warren, Nile Rodgers and more. She had top forty radio hit and billboard charting success with her first single Happy with you. She also released without you second that went top 5 in asia. The song was re recorded by American Idols Clay Aiken and Kimberly Locke. Samantha had major success on a Duet with international reggae and grammy award winning…

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  1. It's Christmas Time

  2. Fall In Love Again(This Christmas)

  3. Stronger

  4. Reach Out

  5. Human

  6. Midnight Confession

  7. Words

  8. Without You
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