Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z
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From: Haiti

Genre: World, Indie, Hip Hop

Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z can brag to have great skills, strengths, exceptional performing techniques and the way they entertain and keep the fans focus on them and on the edge. That help them succeed and braking International Barriers. Through their voices, Performance on stage, Eud & DEDKRA-Z were able to have more than one popular hits singles during there career. Each one inviting you to groove, dance, smile and enjoy great music. As it is the case for this Singles with "HEY, A Dans MIZIK La, YAP PALE th…

Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z songs
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  • Kite Vibe La Mache

Videos From Princess Eud & Ded K…
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    Pa Kite Mwen
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    A dans Mizik La
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    Yap Pale
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    YonTi Logik
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    Pa Anmerdem
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    Album Walk: Joupam by Princess Eud & Ded Kra-z…
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    The Intro: Princess Eud & Ded Kra-z - Haiti
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    Veye yo By Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z
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    Mystik 703 (Eud, Ded kra-z, K'libr, Ouragan) -…
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    Matin-Magazine invite : Eud et Dead Kra-Z
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    Lajan Fanm Pouvwa/ Joupam
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