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Light Body has just been nominated for a Grammy Award !!!!!!!

Best NEW AGE album ,2012 !!! Way to go Peter Kater !!!!


Light Body, a chakra meditation, is a sound healing experience. Kater on piano, Bowden on vocals and McCandless on winds combine talents to offer the presence of peace.

This musical journey begins at the root chakra and progresses upward through these subtle energy centers along the spine ascending to the crown. As each center of intelligence is pierced, it becomes relaxed, balanced and charged. The result is free flow of life energy - prana.

As the meditation progresses, relaxation deepens. With relaxation, stress dissolves naturally. One experiences healing, balance and joy.

The concept of Light Body was birthed through Kater and Bowden’s collective yoga experience. During yoga, the chakras balance effortlessly, uniting body, mind and spirit. Light Body heals through nada yoga, the yoga of sound.

The CD cover art depicts Peter during meditation on his beloved island of Maui. In this original work, artist McManus paints in concert with Kater’s inspiration from a deep meditative connection to Source.

“Kater’s music mirrors the great soul depth of this Silence that he experiences. Filled by the Silence, each note is a response. Here he connects to Source and listens deeply. That is what it takes to be a great artist and musician.” ~Valerie McManus

Light Body is seamlessly woven together with artistry and expertise. Great attention to detail creates the total experience.

Light Body can be used alone or as a compliment to traditional medical treatment. It is suitable for general relaxation, yoga class, Reiki, massage or other body work. It is effective as background music during guided meditations and creates a relaxed ambience in one’s living or work space. Bowden’s soothing vocals render the heart chakra worthy of looping.

Overall, I highly recommend Light Body. All are invited all to kick back, relax and journey within. (5 Stars)

MARGARET GLATFELTER reviewer / Yoga instructor(E-RYT500) Reiki Master teacher