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De: GA, United States


Nu (Maurice Mullins) was born December 23, 1983 in the city of Bainbridge, Ga. At an early age, he learned that music was not only a joy but it was deeply embedded in every strand of his DNA. Nu is the son of gospel vocalist Janie Lee Mullins and Army veteran Nelson James Thompson. Raised in the small city of Camilla, Ga, Nu learned the importance of family values, respect, honor, and education. Nu’s life has always been centered with his love and enjoyment of music whether in the church, at family gatherings, or just chilling by himself. In addition to singing, Nu writes poetry and songs as a means to ease his mind. He also uses his extraordinary writing and singing gift to help others overcome struggles by finding avenues to LOVE.

Nu’s powerful gift of singing has won him first place in numerous talent contests. In addition, he was honored with a spot in a major talent search sponsored by So So Def’s very own CEO Jermaine Dupree. Nu understands that he can not make this journey alone so he continually develops his skills as a singer/song writer by entering numerous contests and collaborating with musical superlatives such as K-major, Jay Flyy, Phil the Thrill, Young Don, Lil Haze and so many more. With maturity and determination, Nu plans to make a positive impact in the world with his Nu album, Nu style and Nu vision on life with his debut album “Journey to Love”.