Melodie MC was a Swedish Eurodance rapper a who was active between 1992-1998. Melodie MC's real name is Kent Lövgren who was born in 1970. He went to school with classmate Erik Svensson (Alias Stattik.) They both shared a passion for music and dance. Kent enjoyed breakdancing whereas Erik was involved in computers and synthesizers. Starting with only two keyboards and a computer, they worked together to develop complex sounds and music. As time progressed, Kent moved into the role of vocal artistry for the group.

Melodie MC released his first single in 1992, entitled Feel Your Body Moving, it was followed by many hits and 3 albums. We're Down With The Dragons, the latest track to be released as single from the first album, is a tribute to the basketball-team Sundsvall Dragons. In this track Melodie Mc teamed up with fellow rapper Modest also from Sundsvall. This rapper would also be involved in Melodie Mc's tours.

Like many other rappers' albums, many vocalists took part in his albums : as for the first album, the single version of Dum Da Dum (initially sung by Pia Sjöberg) was sung by Mayomi (who also released some solo singles, such as What Ever I, a kind of hip hop-dance). This single was # 21 in Israel. Pia Tjärnlund sung for Free, So Good and Come Together. Johanna Ljungberg's voice was featured on Wondering, and Lotta Sundgren on I Wanna Dance. When the single Dum Da Dum was released, his music didn't want to stay in Sweden anymore and no one was stopping it either. It became popular in many countries. During this time Melodie Mc was very busy touring many countries outside Scandinavia and all over Europe.

As for the second album The Return, Bomba Deng was sung once again by Mayomi and Safe Sex by Charlie King (who has also released some solo pop-songs, co-written and produced a lot of songs and done back-vocals for eg. Solid Base). Roberto Romboni took part to Give It Up and Anyone Out there. For Livin In The Jungle they used St James' voice (he had also released a midtempo dance track in 1995 entitled I Would Die For You and was a member of Sound Factory). Climb Any Mountain (co-written with Rohen Heath from Urban Cookie Collective) was sung by Yvonne Shelton and Heaven and Mr Harmony by Susanne Bertlin. This time Melodie Mc embarked on a return tour.

In the third album Jocelyn Brown took part to almost all the last album's songs. Jenny Gustavsson sung the vocals of The Ultimate Experience which is an intro, Charlie King appears on Fake, Obiaman and Susanne Bertlin were featured on No !, M Dread took part to Mush It Up, and Mattews Green (rapper on Pandora's Tell The World album) did the male vocals Phenomenia.

On stage Johanna Ljungberg did the vocals and Susanne Bertlin the background vocals. Statikk also appeared among the 3 keyboard players. Melodie MC did rap-parts for S-Connection, appeared on singer Jennifer Newberry's track Jump To The Beat as guest rapper in 1999 and briefly appeared on a track of the new Daze album in 2000 before disappearing from the music scene altogether.

Kent Lövgren is no longer a rapper in the music industry although he briefly reunited with his bandcrew to perform his hit DUM DA DUM at the Sundsvall Music Awards. He has returned to using his real name Kent and is now a businessman running a marketing business with 2 other business partners and teaches part time at the local university.