Matthew Pryor is an American musician who lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Pryor was in the band Secret Decoder Ring, and through playing shows in the Kansas City area, met the members of his future band, indie rock group The Get Up Kids, which was formed in 1995. While he was in The Get Up Kids, Matt started his side-project The New Amsterdams which released its first album Never You Mind in 2000. Since The Get Up Kids' retirement in 2005, The New Amsterdams have become Matt's primary focus. The New Amsterdams has an "alter-ego" called The Terrible Twos, who occasionally perform songs from their children's album If You Ever See an Owl... released in 2006.

On May 8, 2008, it was announced that Pryor would be releasing a solo album entitled Confidence Man, on Vagrant Records on July 29, 2008. Pryor toured in August and September 2008 with Kevin Devine in support of this record.

Pryor is releasing his second solo effort in January 2012. May Day was recorded in May 2011 with the support of a Kickstarter campaign. Pryor says that he is also working on more tour dates with GUK, another Terrible Twos release, a New Amsterdams compilation and another project of sorts with friends.