Maraca is an afro-cuban jazz band from Cuba. The band is led by former Irakere flutist Orlando Valle ``Maraca``.

Orlando Valle, “Maraca”, was born in September, 1966 in Havana within a family of musicians. When he was ten years old he began studying the flute at the “Manuel Saumell” Conservatory. His professional career began in 1987 with the orchestra of Bobby Carcassés. Later on, he joined the group led by the pianist and composer Emiliano Salvador, whose experience constituted a remarkable influence for Maraca. In 1988, Maraca joined the Irakere Group as flute player, composer and arranger with whom he performed at the most important jazz clubs and festivals across the world for six years.

In 1994, he parted from Irakere to start his career as soloist. He produced, orchestrated and composed the themes contained in the record entitled Cocodrilo de agua salá by Yumuri and His Brothers. Likewise, he composed the music for the “Pasaporte” record by the renowned Cuban percussionists Tata Guines and Angá. He conceived and arranged three of the themes included in the Cubanismo album by Jesús Alemañy and worked with the American saxophone player Steve Colleman and trumpet player Roy Hargrove. His first album as soloist was “Fórmula I”.