Malmö, Sweden

Madleen Kane is a model and singer, born on 4 March 1958 in Malmö, Sweden, to a Swedish father and American mother. A former Elite fashion model (tall 180 cm / 5'11" - weight 47 kg / 103 lbs), she worked since 17 y.o. to 19 above all for the German fashion magazine Burda Moden. Despite her thinness and thanks to her beauty she was published on several Playboy magazine issues and she had five Top 10 hits on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At the age of 20, Madleen - mostly mistaken as French but originally Swedish when modeling for Ford - was discovered by J.C. Friederich owner of Boona Music productions and she became a hot singing commodity with ROUGH DIAMOND in 1978 which took off like fire not only in U.S. but across the globe. After she released CHERI in 1979, her singer career became firm. Madleen's debut album Rough Diamond (1978) was originally released in France by CBS and soon after by Warner Brothers in North America. It became a hit on the Billboard Dance Chart. Paris-based production team Michaele, Lana & Paul Sebastian produced the album. They have also worked with Theo Vaness and on "Argentina Forever" by Pacific Blue.

Cheri (1979), was Kane's 2nd CBS France / Warner Brothers release, which featured "Forbidden Love", a dramatic "pop-opus" arranged by Thor Baldursson. The A-Side suite of "Forbidden Love", the title track, its breakdown "Fire In My Heart" and "Secret Love Affair" gave her another club hit, which ran for over 15 minutes. Jim Burgess remixed it for a single, which was edited to just over eight minutes. The ballad "You and I", has become a wedding day favourite in Canada.

Unlike the North American albums, the French releases of Rough Diamond and Cheri had gatefold sleeves. In addition, the American mix of "Forbidden Love" is different from that released in other countries. The track "I Want You, Need You, Love You" was omitted from the North American release.