LiliAna Rose (born 15 Jun 1984), is a folk-pop, singer-songwriter from New York City, of English and Italian descent. She is best known for a reimagining of the classic "You Are My Sunshine." Rose has been a fixture of the West Village acoustic scene since her debut at The Bitter End in 2000.


The Wall Street Journal calls Rose's voice "fluttery, with an almost country twang." CNN has stated "If Reba McEntire were a teenager today, she might sound like this girl."

Rose is a member of the new folk revival which began in England in the late 2000s with acts such as Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling. and has continued onto American shores with acts such as The Relatives, and Andrew Duncan.

Since the late nineties Rose has collaborated with many musicians, including JoGa, Jason Szkutek, Daniel Cohen, and Jake White Project. She has appeared as the lead singer on independently released EPs by JoGa and Jake White Project.


A poet and songwriter, she cites Neil Young and Bob Dylan as two of her greatest influences. "We Can Be," off of her debut EP "Postage Stamp," was recorded in the same room where Young had just completed his 2009 album "Fork in the Road." "Postage Stamp," was self-released in February 2009 at the request of thousands of online fans who encouraged the singer to self-produce.

The album cut of "You are My Sunshine" was featured on a 2009 national Charter Communications advertisement.

This version of "You are My Sunshine" was also Rose's audition song for the Fox television show X Factor in 2011.


She hails from a family of poets, actors, and musicians dating back to the 1100s. Her paternal ancestors began the comedy troupe Commedia Del Arte in the 12th Century; Isabella Andreini, the Inamorata of the group, inspired many of the French poets, notably Isaac du Ryer (d. c. 1631). Andreini was also a poet herself, releasing Rime, a collection of 359 poems in fall of 1601. Rose's "Want You" opens with "you're an ancient mariner's rime," which many believe is not only a reference to the Coleridge poem but also a veiled reference to her late relative.


Postage Stamp EP,

"Postage Stamp",

"Get To Me",

"We Can Be",

"Carry On",

"Want You",

"You Are My Sunshine",

"Brighten the Corner",

'Recreation' (Jake White Project 2004),

(lead vocals on 'forever', 'hold on to the night', 'blind', 'from beginning to end')

'Tabula Rasa' (JoGa 2009),

(lead vocals on 'game over' + 'surprise store')

'Dinosaurs' (JoGa 2010),

(lead vocals on 'tabula rasa', 'brainwashed', 'freudian slips')




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