La Fiebre is a Tejano music band that made its way to the top of Latin music charts from Pasadena, Texas. The musical group La Fiebre has become one of Latin Music's most influential bands standing with other major Tex-Mex bands such as La Mafia and La Sombra, paving the way for future Tejano bands.


In 1986 a small band from Pasadena Texas without a name, would begin to attract the attention of Tejano music listeners. After suffering from several fevers due to trying to develop a name for themselves, the group finally settled on the name La Fiebre," which translates to "The Fever" in English. The original band members consisted of Ricardo Garza jr.,Pedro Ananis Espinoza, Rudy Rocha, Joe Angel Reynosa, Luis Ayala, Juan Manuel "Johnny" Tristan, and Eric Jimenez. In 1987 the group recorded their very first album under their own label and titled it Contagious. This album gave them their first two charted songs, "Vestida De Color De Rosa" and "Por Tu Culpa". Their later album, On The Rise produced in 1991 gave the group their first smash hit, "Borracho De Besos". The album became platinum and sold over 100,000 copies in the United States and was on the Billboard magazine chart for several weeks. In 1996 the group began to part ways. Eric Jimenez was the first to leave the group in order to write and produce for other artists. In February of 1997 La Fiebre left EMI Latin records and signed on with Freddie Records. Shortly after the release of their album, Fenomenal Luis Ayala left the group for personal reasons. In 1998 La Fiebre received a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Tejano Album for their album Fiebre Live En Concierto. The album was recorded at the Freddy Fest that took place in Corpus Christi, Texas and at a concert held in San Antonio, Texas.