Kowtow Popof
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From: MD, United States

Genre: Rock, Electronic, Singer/Songwriter

Kowtow Popof’s latest album, Tastes Like Armageddon, addresses cataclysms personal and universal, burrowing into the heart and mind with earworms, thoughts, and beats. Arcane yet poppy, Armageddon is original and accessible, a “modern rock” album in the literal sense. From “Ataraxis (I Brake for Squirrels),” a call for kindness in the face of extremism, to “Alectryon at the Door,” a spooky meditation that sounds like a sleeper hit, to “Lookin’ 4 Rock,” a boiling rave-up that resurrects Popof’s rant style, A…

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  • Ataraxis (I Brake For Squirrels)

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  1. Kowtow Popof - Ataraxis (I Brake for Squirrels)
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Sault Ste Marie C…
Sunday, November 15, 2015
thanks for the awesome song!