Dominican Republic

La Banda Gorda is a popular Merengue group from Dominican Republic directed by José Peña Suazo. The band plays fast Merengue from Dominican Republic and some of their albums contains salsa music. It is a popular Latin music group, known for its diverse style and caribbean flavor. La Banda Gorda is Suazo's 1st group directly working under him. Creator, Jose Peña Suazo had previously worked with Latin music makers including Alfonso "Pochi" Vásquez and Kinito Mendez. In 1994 Suazo went on his own and formed his own group which he named "Jose Peña Suazo y la Banda Gorda", dubbed 'Banda Gorda' for short. The group's first album "Libre al fin" (Free at Last), was released on April 19, 1994. The group has made albums regularly, though not yealry, ever since.