Gwen Stacy was an American Christian metalcore band that was signed with Solid State Records. Their name came from the character Gwen Stacy, who appeared in the comic book The Amazing Spider-Man as the girlfriend of Peter Parker. They were from Indianapolis, Indiana, and were active between 2004 and 2010. The band announced a reunion in April 2014.

Gwen Stacy formed as a band in the summer of 2004 by founding members Brent Schindler and T.J. Sego along with previous members, Chris Suter, and Josh Rickard. After several member changes the band was probably best recognized with members Cole Wallace, Brent Schindler, T.J. Sego, Patrick Meadows, and Mike Bryant. In 2007 Gwen Stacy signed to Ferret Records and released their first full length, The Life I Know, on February 5, 2008. The album received low reviews. Alternative Press gave it 1.5/5 stars, saying that "they make Avenged Sevenfold seem like progressive luminaries", while game them 2.5/5 stars, saying that "they're a passable metal band, having obviously done their homework and modeled their chops after hardcore's heaviest hitters."