Grendel is a Dutch music group formed in 1997. Their music is in the Aggrotech genre. Their name originates from Beowulf.

There also exists an unrelated Finnish powermetal band called Grendel, which released three albums so far (among them Corrupt to the Core in 2011 and A Change Through Destruction in 2008). Grendel started out with VLRK (aka JD Tucker), and released their first promo CD in 2000, which included the European dance floor hit "Strangers". Soon after this, Grendel started receiving requests for live gigs and FLRS (aka Floris Noordman) joined the band, performing live synthesizing and engineering duties. Later in 2000 German record label NoiTekk — a sub-division of Black Rain — signed the band and released the album Inhumane Amusement, an expanded and improved version of their demo CD.