Early life

Emily Jane White was raised in the seaside town of Fort Bragg, California. She first began experimenting with and creating her singing style in the early 00's at UC Santa Cruz. White's first musical explorations came as a member of punk and metal bands in college. She later branched off with her own group called Diamond Star Halos. After college and spending time in France, White moved to San Francisco to perform.


On November 2, 2007, Emily Jane White released her first album, Dark Undercoat, through Double Negative Records. Dark Undercoat was released as a limited edition deluxe white vinyl LP in 2008 by Saint Rose Records. Songs include: 1.Bessie Smith 2. Hole In the Middle 3. Dark Undercoat 4. Dagger 5. Time on Your Side 6.Demon 7. Sleeping Dead 8. Blue 9. Wild Tigers I have Known (Written for the Cam Archer film of the same name) 10. Two Shots in the Head. Her next album entitled Victorian America will be released on April 27, 2010 in the U.S. by Milan Records. "Victorian America", was written largely in San Francisco and Oakland. White said of the album, "I don't write happy music. I'm drawn to writing sad songs. Reflective, contemplative songs. I truly believe that that's my job. It's not my job to create happy music. I'm okay with that." The songs include: 1. Never Dead 2. Stairs 3. Victorian American 4. The Baby 5. Frozen Heart 6. The Country Life 7. Liza 8. The Ravens 9. Red Serpent 10. Red Dress 11. A Shot Rang Out 12. Ghost of Horse.

White appears on the song "Seeds" from the 2010 album Fall of Spring by Lonely Drifter Karen.