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“Estou amando a Jango ” - USA Today
“Faz com que descobrir
músicas novas seja divertido ” - Wall Street Journal
“Direta e
de fácil navegação” - PCWorld
“Super simples
rádio online ” - CNET
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For other uses, see Daya (disambiguation). Sikh beliefs 1a. Simran (spiritual contemplation), 1b. Sewa (selfless service), 2. Three Pillars 2a. Naam Japo (contemplating God's names) Meditating on God's naam to control your 5 evils to eliminate suffering and live a happy life., 2b. Kirat Karo (work diligently) Earning/making a living honestly, without exploitation or fraud, 2c. Vand Chhako Sharing with others, helping those with less or those who are in need, , 3. Five Thieves 3a. Kaam (lust), 3b. K...

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