Daniella Alcarpe
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From: Brazil

Genre: Latin, Samba, MPB

Daniella Alcarpe is a Brazilian singer. Such a good one that she wouldn’t need to be so beautiful, but she is. Her wonderful voice and swing bring to you, in this CD, true Brazilian music, played in a very fresh way by mixing typical instruments like bandolim, cavaquinho e cuíca to guitars, sax, flute and keyboard. All songs arranged by João Marcondes and played by talented and experienced musicians. Why tell more?

Enjoy it. New, full of melody and rhythm, there is a piece of Brazil in each track. You…

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Videos From Daniella Alcarpe

  1. Passarim

  2. Vestidim

  3. Novamente

  4. Trem das Cores

  5. Bem que se quis

  6. Lágrima de Amor - Daniella Alcarpe

  7. Choro

  8. Choro Bandido - Edu Lobo e Chico Buarque na voz de

  9. Apaga o Fogo Mané

  10. Meu querido Santo Antônio
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Amsterdam Netherl…
Friday, January 19, 2018
Bom!..you music is as lovely as you are! :-)