De: NY, United States

R&B, Pop, Soul

Dani J's sound is a mixture of rhythm and blues, with a splash of neo-soul and a dash of pop. Dani J's beautiful, sultry voice and lyrical talent makes her well on her way to making her mark in the music world!!

Dani J was born and raised in Buffalo, New York where she has been singing since the age of six months. She started off humming and singing inaudible words to the sounds on the radio. Her mouth was moving, sounds were coming out, but you couldn't understand a word that she was singing. By the age of two she was a die hard Michael Jackson fan and would sit in front of the television and watch his life story video, "The Michael Jackson Story", over and over and over again. She could work the VCR as well as the television remote controls like a seasoned couch potato. The exception was that her spot was on the floor, dead in front of the television set.

She attended the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts for eight years where she graduated as a dance major. During that time she was a member of the Buffalo Youth Choir, performed in the high school musical, "Big" and is still a member of the Voices of God Choir at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior.

Danielle has cultivated her craft by singing at a plethora of community service concerts with the Voices of God Choir and singing with her sisters, Brianna and Lauren as the Gospel Music Group "Sistahs of Soul" . While performing as the "Sistahs of Soul", many audiences have been delighted by their variety of vocal range and their three-part harmony. They have performed all over the city of Buffalo and also during the Martin Luther King Program at Kleinhan's Music Hall. Danielle also hones her skill by blessing her congregation with solo performances from time to time.

She is currently the Buffalo State College "Apollo Night" champ where she competed for the title and beat out a host of affable competitors. She recently sang at the Univerisity of Buffalo Kwaanza Dinner and has also performed at Buffalo East. She is also the reigning champ of the Theatre Alliance of Buffalo World's Largest Cast Party where she won first place for her vocal talents. Danielle has competed in many vocal competitions over the years such the University of Buffalo Idol, Buffalo Idol and trying out to perform at the Buffalo Bison"s games.

Danielle is currently a senior at the University of Buffalo where she has recently changed her major to Music-Vocal Performance. She is the proud mother of one year old Skylar-Rae Solis and is best friends with her two sisters, Brianna and Lauren. She makes her Mom and Dad proud everday because she is pursuing her passion and enjoying it every step of the way. Her interests are writing music, watching reality TV, Black movies,er wait, African American Cinema on a regular and dancing around in the kitchen (cooking).

Her musical influences are, of course, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, Gladys Knight and Beyonce. This is Danielle's life-long dream to produce music and entertain audiences. She is well on her way!