Cyclefly were an alternative rock band from Cork, Ireland.

The band toured the UK and Ireland many times, including headline tours and support tours with Bush and Live. Two full-length albums were released over Cyclefly's career -- Generation Sap in 1999 and Crave in 2002. The second album, Crave, featured a guest vocal spot on "Karma Killer" from Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington.

Once the band were signed to their label for their first two albums they became increasingly frustrated by the confines of being a 'signed act'. They spent a lot of time touring, especially in the United States, where they not only toured with Linkin Park but became a source of inspiration (for Linkin Park), forming a close friendship with Ciaran and Declan O'Shea also lending their own audio and mixing skills to the band on a number of occasions. Their frustrations with contractual obligations continually increased yet also managed to inspire the song "No Stress" which was nominated for numerous audio and video awards once released in 2001. The video (shot in Cork) featured and made a star of Kate Kelton who actually modelled her role in the video on an addict she had been watching in the alley below her hotel room window. Kate also gained notoriety as the 'Tic Tac girl' in a well-known American advertising campaign.


Declan O'Shea - vocals,

Ciaran O'Shea - guitar,

Nono Presta - guitar,

Christian Montagne - bass,

Jean-Mi Cavallo - drums