Brian D. Wilson
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From: OH, United States

Genre: Country, Pop, folk,rock

I was influenced in the 60's by the British Invasion in America and started playing guitar and singing cover songs at the age of 13. I also played and sang many years in church and in bands, trio's and duo's in the club scene. In the 90's I got interested in new style country music and went to Nashville many times and was influenced by the songwriters and clubs. They inspired me to start writing my own songs "Mid Life Crisis" was my first Album out on the net through Tunecore and then my "Double Nickel" Al…

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  • A Man's Word Is His Bond

  • Cruz'in on the River...back in 63!

  • Random Acts of Kindness!

  • Elevator-man Blues


  • Doin' Things...I like to do Best!

  • Live and let Live

  • Double Nickel

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    Do U Remember ...When?
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    Live Free!
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