Venice, Italia

Brainbug is a symphonic electronic trance music project based in Venice, created by Italian producer Alberto Bertapelle. Brainbug became widely known after the release of his first single, Nightmare (1996), because of the unique blending of string instruments, haunting atmospheres and house beats.

Nightmare appears in several movies, (Human Traffic, Playing by Heart, and A Night at the Roxbury), and is currently played during the second half kick-off at Leeds United home games at Elland Road. The music video was directed by Tim Claxton and was inspired by 1950s science fiction films, and the films of Ed Wood.

Benedictus (1997) appeared in a U.S. television commercial for the Nissan Maxima.

Further singles The 8th Dwarf (1997) and Rain (1998) took the formula established by Nightmare and Benedictus and explored some different areas. Rain features lyrics by Italian singer Nadia Casari, who also appears in the music video.

Several remixes by various artists have been released on Brainbug's singles, and not all of Bertapelle's originals are obviously titled. "Nightmare (Sinister Strings Mix)" and "Benedictus (Exitiale Mix)" are examples of this. The Maxi-CD release of Rain also features those original mixes, although "Benedictus (Exitiale Mix)", while not labeled as an edit, was edited slightly shorter.

Brainbug has also added his symphonic trance touch to other artists' works through various remixes.