AK1200 is the stage name of a Florida-based musician Dave Minner working in the jungle and drum and bass genres.

He started DJing in 1989 playing mainly Electro, and in 1990 he opened a record store in Orlando, Florida called The Hottie Shop. His early working relationships were with record labels such as Suburban Base and Moving Shadow. He teamed up with DJ Jeffee to publish the U.S. jungle fanzine Junglized.

His first production effort was a 1993 remix of a Suburban Base Records track by Flex and Fats called Somebody and, as this was released on Suburban Base, he became the first U.S. Jungle producers to release a track in the U.K. (the country of origin of Jungle/Drum and Bass). AK1200 was also the first U.S. DJ to play on U.K. pirate radio, alongside Swift and DJ Zinc on Format FM.

Throughout the 1990s he tried his hand at just about every variation on the high speed breakbeat musical idiom and has collaborated with many influential jungle and drum and bass artists including Aphrodite (Artist), DJ Dara, Danny Breaks, Dieselboy, and MC Navigator, as well as with hip hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest.

His debut album, SHOOTTOKILL was co-produced with Rob Playford, of Moving Shadow fame. A prominent American artist in the jungle scene, AK1200 has been credited for helping to bring jungle and drum and bass to the forefront in the United States, due to his reputation for impressive live performances and prolific remixes, as well as for playing for free to help promote the spread of the style.

In 2000 he joined forces with fellow U.S. DJs Dieselboy and DJ Dara to create Planet of the Drums crew which toured the U.S. to great acclaim. To date, they are known as the most successful annual EDM tour in North America.

In 2009, Minner launched a new drum & bass label, Big Riddim. In 2010, alongside production partner Bill Hamel, he launched another label, Boombox Audio. AK1200 bookings are available through circle management. Along with continuing to perform, AK1200 has been doing his part to bring back the surge of the electronic dance scene back to Orlando, FL. Teaming up with Steez Promo, a promotions company based in Baltimore, MD, AK1200 has latched on to the uproar of the Dubstep movement, booking such acts as Borgore, Excision, Datsik, Skrillex, Emalkay, and more to come in 2011 via a monthly series at Roxy Night Club called "It Gets Hot."

1997 Fully Automatic

1996 Sub Base Classics

1999 Lock & Roll - A Drum & Bass DJ Mix

2000 Prepare for Assault

2001 Mixed Live - Moonshine Overamerica, San Francisco

2002 Shoot to Kill

2003 At Close Range

2007 Weapons of Tomorrow

2008 Autopsy (with Gridlok)